Client Reviews

On the morning following one of the coldest nights in North Carolina history, my wife, five children, two dogs, and I awoke to an ice-cold home. Maybe a month, or so, before, our plumber recommended The Air Zone for our future HVAC needs. So, on this cold morning, my wife called The Air Zone, around 7 a.m., and was told that Kenneth (the owner) and his lead technician would be at our home by 8 a.m. that same morning- ahead of his already full schedule for the day. The two gentlemen arrived shortly before 8 a.m.. They were very clean-cut and professional in appearance. They introduced themselves, and we chatted briefly about how cold it was, and how thankful we were that they came so quickly. Though they were very personable and easy to speak with, they didn't want to spend a lot of standing around talking, but rather wanted to diagnose the problem and get our system back up and running- which was fine with me. Within thirty minutes of their working outside, walking up into the attic, replacing the fuses, and running the system through different settings at the thermostat, they were sure that the repair was complete. Kenneth advised us to call the office and set up an appointment for a full system service call soon thereafter. We were extremely happy and gladly paid him. We plan to continue to use The Air Zone for all of our future HVAC needs and highly recommend them to all.

Hugh T.

Wake Forest, NC

I got Kenny's name from a supply house when I asked for a recommendation for someone who was hard working, smart and honest. I also wanted someone who was the owner and operator vs. a large company with multiple employees who were less invested in the quality of the business. Kenny (and Steve) have exceeded my expectations. I've used them for extensive change outs and routine service and highly recommend them. Excellent work ethic, professional, honest, reliable and cost is very reasonable.


Raleigh, NC